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Comprehensive line edit, including proofreading, correction of punctuation, and much more for what comparable book editors charge for proofreading alone

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What You'll Get

  • A thorough manuscript markup
  • A customized, detailed report similar to a non-fiction writing manual focused on your particular needs
  • A thorough knowledge of issues in need of improvement to help you meet your goals
  • A valuable reference tool, the above mentioned report, for use when you write future manuscripts
  • An honest, unbiased evaluation of your work by one of the most highly experienced professional editors in the industry with a 99.5% client satisfaction rate
  • No getting lost in the shuffle with a large company and staff of editors. You’ll be dealing with me exclusively throughout the process.
I learned more from your advice than from all of the books I’ve read and the courses I took at Gotham Writers’ Workshop.
— Jack Brandmahl

My name is Michael Garrett, and I invite you to review my impressive editorial credentials and client testimonials. My book editing qualifications are among the best you'll find.

What I Edit

Fiction of all genres (except hard sci-fi and children’s books) and most non-fiction.

My Book Editing Includes

In addition to pinpointing grammatical issues and punctuation problems, I also look for the following:

  • Viewpoint violations; possibly the most common reason for fiction rejection
  • Sentence structure; are your sentences constructed properly and presented in variable form?
  • Focus; is your lead character effectively guiding your reader through the plot progression?
  • Consistency; do you apply fiction components consistently throughout the novel?
  • Clarity; is your writing easily understandable to even the most basic reader?
  • Resolution effectiveness; does your ending provide a complete reading experience?

And many more; I look for 400+ potential problems.

I'm currently accepting new clients and would like to serve as your book editor.

My Manuscript Editing Process

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Receive Feedback

I will forever be grateful to Michael Garrett for making me a better writer.
Lisa Kay Presley via

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